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Projects of Richard Del Connor

End of the Line album cover by American Zen

Available now at Shaolin Records!

This album is my musical autobiography of 2012 and 2013.

Project:  MEMORIAL DAY ALBUM music album
                           by American Zen

11 songs tell the story of The Hippy Coyote, known currently as "Kung Fu Cowboy."

Songs depict homeless life and his upcoming movie, Kung Fu Cowboy Rock & Roll Movie 1.

End of the Line album cover of American ZenVisit Shaolin Records for more information.>>

Memorial Day ALbum

1. War Sucks! (Instrumental)
2. Friendly Fire
3. Camp Tehr Ohr
4. Every Breath I Breathe
5. Pictures of Home
6. Memorial Day
7. Bags On Their Heads
8. Bombs From God
9. Father to Son (Poem)
10. War Sucks!

All music, lyrics, poetry and songs
written by Richard Del Connor
as The Hippy Coyote

Album cover photo by Scott Karahadian on the last day of recording the guitars and vocals for the End Of The Line album.

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