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Projects of Richard Del Connor

Coyote versus the scorpion

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Project:  Kung Fu Cowboy Rock & Roll Movie 1
       "Scorpion Resurrection"

Coyote in Hollywood HeavenFEATURE FILM
Screenplay by Scott Karahadian and Richard Del Connor completed Feb. 2013.

113 pages with 24 songs by The Hippy Coyote, Buddha Zhen, and The Rich.

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Kung Fu Cowboy Rock & Roll Movie 1

The soundtrack album Kung Fu Cowboy Rock & Roll Movie 1 includes:
 Coyote performing 20101. Peace Of Mind #2
 2. All Screwed Up (instrumental)
 3. In Dreams
 4a. In The Pool Of Enlightenment (partial)
 5. 33 Bass Players
 4b. In The Pool of Enlightenment (continued)
 6a. In The Darkness (partial)
 7. House Of Rejection
 8. Black Of Night
 6b. In The Darkness (continued)
 9. Kung Fu Cowboy
10. Elaine
11. Path To The Mountaintop
12. Temptation
13. Free The Change
14. Tai Chi Magic
15. God Will Protect
16. Thank You
17. Silk Mushroom
18. Sparrows In The Daoist Courtyard
19. Great Salt Lake
20. God Will Protect
21. Use Me
22. Scorpion Resurrection
23. My Life Belongs To Me
24. END CREDITS SONG: The End The Horizon

All music, lyrics, poetry and songs
written by Richard Del Connor
as The Hippy Coyote or Buddha Zhen.

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