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Projects of Richard Del Connor

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Project:  LEVEL 4 = Kung Fu Cowboy
     Part 2:  3rd Degree Master Mason

Masonic Kung Fu albumMUSIC ALBUM of American Zen by The Hippy Coyote:
15 songs + 3 poems were originally written to tell the story of Coyote, aka Richard Del Connor, becoming a Master Freemason, or 3rd Degree Master Mason.

A couple months before Coyote took "The 3rd Degree," he discovered his "Masonic Kung Fu." Details of this "Masonic Kung Fu" can be found on this website. As a result of this Chinese secretively encoded Kung Fu, Coyote's own spiritual journey in Freemasonry became entwined with this Chinese Mason's story resulting in a reordering of a few songs to create a storyline of a Chinese person teaching European Masonry in China during the 1930s.

The Chinese Grand Lodge of Masons has responded to Coyote's request for more information, but the Japanese absconded many of the documents Coyote is seeking.

This album will be completed and released in 2012. It will be interesting to see how much information we can obtain before then.

SOUNDS LIKE:Coyote performing 2010

Led Zepellin
Jimi Hendrix
The Beatles
The Kinks
Savoy Brown

Coyote's newest poetic evolution is the creation of a song containing a poem. A special preview of the song will be contained within an upcoming podcast at CoyoteRadio.NET "Dizzy My Toxic Daughter."


1. 3rd Degree Master Mason
2. Masonic Kung Fu
3. But I Got
4. I'm Certain I'm Not Sure
5. Run To Me
6. Dizzy My Toxic Daughter
7. Mother's Pearl
8. My Mockingbird
9. Montrose Cuckold
10. Tell The Truth
11. What Do You See
12. I Want To Improve Everyone
13. Patriot
14. Eye To Eye poem
15. Blue Skies
16. Time To Go Home
17. Proud To Be A Hippie
18. Bottom Line

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