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Projects of Richard Del Connor

Coyote is on right side.

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Project:  LEVEL 4 = Kung Fu Cowboy
                 All 4 parts of LEVEL 4

Book cover of ORIGINAL DRAFT

One man.
One band.
One way.
American Zen - LEVEL 4 = Kung Fu Cowboy

The book: Kung Fu Cowboy ORIGINAL DRAFT details the evolution of LEVEL 4 from a single album to a collection of albums with a collection of stories.

PART 1: King Solomon's Temple

PART 2: 3rd Degree Master Mason

PART 4: Stone Roses

PART 5: The Coyote Blues

CD inlay trayEach of the LEVEL 4 "Parts" include a musical movie that the album and songs are the soundtrack for.

Each part of LEVEL 4 will include an album, book, and feature film movie.

PART 1: tells the story of Hiram Abif's murder during the building of King Solomon's temple in Jerusalem.

PART 2: tells the story of King Solomon transported in time to to 1968 after he executes 3 masonry fellowcrafts who murdered Hiram Abif.

PART 3: tells the story of a British minstrel enslaved in Persia in 1249 A.D.

PART 4: tells the story of The Hippy Coyote travelling and being homeless after raising his children as a Mr. Mom for 15 years.


Shaolin Stupa of The Songshan Shaolin Temple
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