Richard holding daughter in lap napping 1991
Richard becomes Mr. Mom to raise his daughter, Caitlin 1991

Dear Person of Importance:

I would greatly appreciate any support or promotion you could provide my new book, I’m Not Homeless — I’m Domestically Challenged,” by Richard Del Connor “Kung Fu Cowboy.”

This book was written while I was homeless in North Hollywood from December 2-016 to May 2017 when I had a colorectal surgery.  The poetry book details many of the painful days and was written in my 1996 Toyota Tacoma with my black cat named Bear, beside me.

Richard Del Connor in San Diego after scorpion sting to his neck.
Richard in San Diego after being stung by a scorpion while working as a stage hand for outdoor Brad Paisley concert near Mexican Border.

Richard Del Connor represents a homeless person becoming successful while utilizing government and Los Angeles County resources.  Richard wants to GIVE THANKS to the volunteers, churches, and other programs that helped him also.

This appreciation of Richard Del Connor’s plight and subsequent financial success from sales of this book and other products sold on his website: WILL IMPROVE PUBLIC OPINION about homeless persons.  The title of this book is both a hint and a step towards a ‘politically correct’ view of homeless people who receive more prejudice than ever before… despite what race, age or health you are in.  Homeless people are not treated well or respected enough to be able to find opportunities for advancement in today’s public climate.

This book, I’m Not Homeless — I’m Domestically Challenged will be followed by three more poetic journals of Richard’s homeless odyssey:

  1. Kung Fu Cowboy Academy  poetry journal 2017
  2. Fistula of Fury poetry journal 2017 to surgery #2
  3. Evolution of a Shaolin Monk being written at Martin Luther King Hospital where Richard is healing from surgery 2018

These poetic journals of homeless life will provide understandings of homeless life.  Richard Del Connor will be a valuable spokesperson to encourage future programs and motivate enthusiasm for financial support of homeless programs.  Richard also wants to GIVE HOPE to homeless people with ambitions and dreams to achieve.