Richard Del Connor


“Philosopher Poet”


Richard was born in the Pacific Beach town.
After he was born–they tore the hospital down.
That was February 4th, 1954.
He grew up in San Diego, knowing he wasn’t rich–not knowing he was poor.

As a straight-A gifted student he was on the Regis Philbin Show.
Men in black suits gave him IQ tests in the janitor closet–letting him know:
He was in the top 2% of all their tests
But his parents thought NOT skipping grades or joining MENSA best.

So Richard pursued science–on his own.
Collecting and dissecting in his Allied Gardens home.
Until age 10 when his science was stopped.
His rocket blew a hole through the patio rooftop.

So Richard began trombone.  The piano was boring.
His poetry was published and he began lecture touring.
Then in ’66 at age twelve Richard discovered rock.
This would be the language his soul would learn to talk.

At age 16 in 1970 Richard moved to St. John’s
Where he began writing his own unique poetic folk rock songs.
He was in a movie and on BBC.
In 1971 he graduated Prince of Wales Collegiate.
(Enrolling the next year at Memorial University.)

In 1972 Richard hitchhiked home across the Canada plains and mountains,
Then down the coast with his thumb out–like a salmon to return.
Becoming an apprentice of the Carpenter’s Brotherhood Unions.
On his chopper and dune buggie–not fitting into what his parents thought he should learn.

In 1974 Richard graduated the R.I.A.A. school
To become a recording engineer at Bonita Recording Studio.
In 1978 he graduated as Journeyman Carpenter (4 years of night school.)
And won the 1978 “KPRI Battle of the Bands” in San Diego.

In 1979 Richard was the bassist-singer of The Rich.
They’ve got an album at iTunes–The Rich-Live in Venice, playing hard!
In 1984 the rock opera “Coyote in a Graveyard”
Attracted compliments for Stephen Spielberg and Michael J. Fox.
New World Pictures requested a feature film from Richard
The UCLA Motion Picture Program was started
While founding Shaolin Records: “Where Buddha rocks!”

In 1987 Richard graduated UCLA
Preparing to divorce his wife, who called him “A mistake.”
To begin life again in 1988
Performing night clubs on acoustic guitar, singing original songs with his Shaolin Kung Fu smile.
Performing concerts on electric guitar, solo, or in the Coyote Graveyard Band for a while.
Shooting concerts as a photojournalist
“Rocktography by The Coyote” awas his photo-credits.

In 1991 Richard decided to have a daughter.
As a Mr. Mom working from home he taught her
To play drums and sing.
He bought her an organ, a flute and art training.
She started Shaolin Kung Fu at age 4, of course.
Her mother encouraged her quit at age 12–during the divorce.

This home schooling inspired Richard to create
The best Tai Chi Youth school for children to learn to concentrate (and communicate).
After years of testing it is easy to state
That Tai Chi Youth can improve the future–reducing anger and reducing hate.

Then in 2008 Buddha Zhen created the Buddha Kung Fu school
“Doable for Americans” was the marketing tool.
This makes Richard the founder of three Kung Fu systems:
Shaolin Chi Mantis, Buddha Kung Fu, and Tai Chi Youth nonprofit education.

As a Mr. Mom he wrote lots of books.
Reading them to his children as he cooks.
Now Richard Del Connor has Shaolin Communications
To publish his books and Oriental traditions.

The first novel he’s published–in paperback
Is Masonic Kung Fu on the book rack.
Now he’s writing his first book of Buddhist poetry.
Finally, the 4 Noble Truths–America will hear and see.

Richard is producing the rock group, American Zen.
Check out their Kung Fu Cowboy folk rock album.
In 2015 Richard won first place
For his “Kung Fu Cowboy” rock & roll screenplay.

In 2019 Richard’s new book Act Zen to Be Zen
Will be teaching actors how to be happy again.
Watch for the books he writes as “Buddha Zhen,” too.
His Chinese name is Zhen Shen-Lang, “Spirit Wolf of Truth.”

Tai Chi Beginner is required reading in his Tai Chi Chuan classes.
But if no one can fight with their Tai Chi–no one passes.
Buddha Zhen is the founder of the Shaolin Chi Mantis society.
Traditional Buddhist Kung Fu, Taoist Tai Chuan and Confucian Strategy.


  • Memorial University of Newfoundland …. 1971-72
  • San Diego State University …. 1973-74
  • R.I.A.A. Recording Academy…. 1974
  • Tai Mantis Federation …. Shaolin and Praying Mantis Kung Fu …. Graduate …. 1984
  • UCLA …. Motion Picture Program …. Certificate …. 1987
  • Shaolin Temple …. Shaolin Kung Fu, Zen Buddhism …. Certificate …. 1994
  • Jing Mo Association …. Shaolin Kung Fu …. Certificate …. 1995

Founder of:

Author of:

  • Masonic Kung Fu by Richard Del Connor ………. Shaolin Communications ….. 2012

Record Producer of:

Performing in 2019:

  • 15-minute solo flute performance by Richard Del Connor “Philosopher Poet”
  • 15-minute poetry performance by Richard Del Connor “Philosopher Poet”


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