It’s been a great week!  On Saturday, Richard Del Connor “The Philosopher Poet” (me), performed a couple poems in a theater in North Hollywood.  It was a lot of fun!  There were a couple of funny poets!  I will be here regularly.  This group meets at this theater on the first Saturday of each month.

I performed the poems, “Dreams and Ambitions of a Gentleman,” and “Field of Dreams.”  Both were written recently and represent my current reality.  The poems were well received with compliments later from several other poets.

On Sunday I was a guest on the Pink Lady Presents web television show.  She films at LA Talk Radio where I met some amazing people before my show.  I met an 80-year old vivacious and energetic woman who has been doing Tang Soo Do Karate for the past 30 years.  She looked 30 years younger than she is.

I also met a documentary producer.  We have some common interests and have already been communicating since then.

Pink was really charming.  She really enjoys performing.  She was supportive and asked me some cool questions.

I performed the song, “Starting Over Again,” on flute.  I played solo.  Then I recited the poem, “Dreams and Ambitions of a Gentleman.”  Next we discussed my novel, Masonic Kung Fu.  I wanted to keep going…

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