Publication date for ACT ZEN TO BE ZEN self-help book for actors by Richard Del Connor, “Buddha Zhen,” is April 8, 2019. Since this book is based in Zen Buddhist principles as well as UCLA acting and directing principles, I am hoping to have this published on Buddha’s Birthday, April 8, 2019.  The Buddhist dharma is already the basis of modern psychology, and the Zen (Chan Buddhism of China) Buddhism is the warrior monks of the Shaolin Temple, so these are very empowering concepts to lay as the foundation of self-help of any kind.

Hopefully, my personal flavor, or perspectives will add some charm to these analytical efforts.  I make it a goal to enjoy what I’m doing so this ACT ZEN process I created is hopefully going to be fun.  Actually, I’m a very blunt, straight-to-the-point kind of person, so there may be less fun in this book than I would prefer.  So I will make a goal of creating a ‘new and improved’ version of this book in a couple years after teaching it to people.  After all those classes I will have some fun stories to add, and be aware where the drudgery may lurk.

I’m also, “Rich Connor The Singing Webmaster of Shaolin Digital.” The ACT ZEN WEBSITE was the original version of this book.  I’m recreating the website in WordPress.  Check it out:

If anyone can get me a book review fast enough I will add them to the foreword of the FIRST EDITION of Act Zen to Be Zen book.  If you don’t make the publication date, I still could use some reviews for the online website sales…

Contact me if you’d like to write a review.

Richard Del Connor, publisher of Shaolin Communications
Shaolin Communications Publisher Richard Del Connor

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