This is going to be a lot of fun to publish and release.

The poetry book, I’m Not Homeless — I’m Domestically Challenged, will require a larger publisher than Shaolin Communications to reach the audiences of this book.  The final draft is sitting in storage… waiting…

This book contains poetry of stories about living in North Hollywood in 2017 before his surgery in April.  Unknown at the time of the completion of this book, another surgery would be required by a more talented and high level surgeon.  This second surgery was detailed in Fistula of Fury book.

With the second surgery and three months of internal bleeding… the third book of this series, Evolution of a Shaolin Monk, was written by Richard Del Connor also known as Buddha Zhen or Buddha Z.  These books may be published under the name, Buddha Z.  We’ll see.

Thanks to Oscar Barrera, we videoed me reading the entire I’m Not Homeless–I’m Domestically Challenged book.  I also performed the Tai Chi Chuan Yang Style Short Form and got some other fun stuff including my cat, Bear.

MLK-RCC in Compton
Martin Luther King Recuperative Care Center

The following book to this, Fistula of Fury, has also been completed.  (1st draft)

The following book to this, Evolution of a Shaolin Monk, has also been completed.  (1st draft)

The following book to this has changed titles several times because it doesn’t have an ending yet and is still being written.  It will be completed in a couple months?  This current poetry book memoir is titled, Coyote in a Graveyard.  Yep, recognize that title?  I’ll explain soon.

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