Richard Del Connor is Domestically Challenged in NoHo 2018
Domestically Challenged

I wrote a “Help me publish this book page” here.  I’m hoping someone important will read it.

I’ve written the book, I’m Not Homeless — I’m Domestically Challenged.  It’s done.

Now I’m trying to figure out how to self-publish this book?

  • What format to release book?
  • What name do I use for author?
  • When do I publish book (publication date)?
  • How do I get reviews before it is published?
  • How do I get press and feature stories to promote book?
  • How do I get a prominent politician… to support this book (to help homeless people)?
  • How do I get anyone to help support this book and make sure more than ten people buy it?
  • How do I get advertising and where do I advertise and where do I get advertising money?
  • How do I do a book tour, radio interviews, television interviews?
  • How do I become a motivational speaker based upon this book?

Yup.  I’ve got questions.


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