Richard Del Connor, the “Singing Webmaster of Shaolin Digital,” is building this website… for me.  Oh yeah, I’m me, I mean, Richard Del Connor.

I’ve spent the past decade trying to replace myself.  As a spiritual person I know it is wrong to do the wrong job or perform the job of someone else.

I’m trying to be guilty of a crime that may not be a crime.  Should I be the “Singing Webmaster of Shaolin Digital?”  I’m trying to sew myself into a position or job that NEEDS to be done.

Perhaps I need to stop think of building websites as a job.  It was exciting and demanding and even exhilarating to build my first websites in 1999.  I was working in HTML and found my passion in building very, very complex tables within tables within tables…

In those early days the PC computers were very finicky (I am told).  I had an iMac Blueberry.  Using the free web building app, PageMill, I was very content…  It was satisfying.  That original PageMill program had schematic layouts for the web design that I could see where my graphics were connected to…  I miss that program.  Really do.

When I moved up to Dreamweaver 4 a couple years later I learned CSS.  DIV tags and other langu

ages were learned… but I wasn’t going to school or even hanging out with anybody who was building websites.  I knew one guy in my neighborhood who was writing Java scripts.  I visited him a few times but came to the decision that maybe I was investing too much time into web designing when I needed to be investing more time into my Shaolin Chi Mantis Traditional Buddhist Gongfu and Taijiquan, my Shaolin Records independent record company, my Shaolin Music ASCAP music publishing business, or my American Zen folk rock band.

That was when I decided to limit my web abilities.  Good decision?  Probably.  I still was unable to invest sufficient time into my enterprises because I was a full-time Mr. Mom with two kids in Tujunga, California.

The past five years I have been restraining myself from learning WordPress.  I have seen two other people in the library using it and when I queried them they responded that my websites looked old fashioned and that I would rank better if I transformed to WordPress.

So in 2013 I created my first WordPress website:

That website sat there for five years until in 2018 I updated it.  I’m changing the theme from the screenplay I wrote: “SCORPION RESURRECTION.”

“Scorpion Resurrection” was written for the movie theme.  It was recorded in Tacoma Studios by myself, Richard Del Connor, as the

  • songwriter of all songs
  • singer on all songs
  • drummer
  • bassist
  • rhythm guitarist
  • lead guitarist
  • recording engineer
  • record producer
  • graphic artist for the album cover and promotion
  • press agent for press releases and…

“Scorpion Resurrection” was released on American Zen’s album, End of the Line, released July 4, 2014.  I added a few pictures to the website, but still didn’t really feel that the website was completed and I didn’t refer people to it…  I still thought this website was waiting for the movie, Kung Fu Cowboy Rock & Roll Movie 1: Scorpion Resurrection.

This year, 2018 is a weird year.  I’ve been hospitalized for surgery 4 months.  That gave me time to use the hospital computers.  I’ve had to redesign my life as much or more than the website.  I’m not a parent.  I’m not a husband.  I’m free.  Free?  Since 1991, I’ve been a slave to my family.  I loved it and thought I would be better rewarded for my dutiful service.  If I had been rewarded… it was still slavery.  I raised them with a 24/7 diligence.  Their life came before mine.  I worked for them.  Mistakenly I thought that might lead to dedication and reciprocation…

So this website is taking a change in course.


SCORPION RESURRECTION is about to be an album by Kung Fu Cowboy, not American Zen.  Although the American Zen album was released in 2014, it never sold a hundred copies.  It is online at iTunes, but American Zen is too difficult for millennials.  The American Zen path to enlightenment included

  • Shaolin Kung Fu
  • Yang Tai Chi Chuan
  • Zen Buddhism
  • Confucianism
  • Taoism
  • Native American Shamanism
  • Vedic Scriptures
  • psychology
  • self-development
  • philosophy
  • and PEACE OF MIND.

How many people do you know who know even a little bit about all the topics above?

Well starting at 4 years old, I was teaching kids about everything above in my Kung Fu classes and they loved it. Parents gave me gifts and clothing for maturing their kids and teaching them good manners.

But teaching millennials good manners, etiquette, spirituality, philosophy, and even how to play a musical instrument… is beyond the tenacity of our newest generation.  I’ve trained people born since 1921, so I am aware of the cultural differences of the many generations since then.  This newest generation is…

Oh yeah, this website and the future.  As you can see, I’m wrestling with how to package who and what I am into consumable projects for today’s people under the age of 30.  This is an amusing challenge.  It’s like teaching lizards to talk.  But if anyone can do it–it’s me.  (I was very communicative with snakes and lizards in my youth!) will (maybe also represent the movie when it comes out in a few years) represent the
DEBUT ALBUM by KUNG FU COWBOY, “Scorpion Resurrection.”

This record will be the first record released by Shaolin Records with an orchestra.  I am very very very excited about this.  After mastering piano, then trombone, then guitar, then electric bass, then singing, then harmonica, then flute, percussion, Chinese 4-string pipa, shakuhachi flute, bamboo flutes, and finally got myself a drumset in 2007.  I finally ran out of instruments to learn.  So I declared to the world, but mostly myself, that my next instrument will be “the orchestra.”

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