Poetry, Fiction, and Philosophy by Richard Del Connor

Masonic Kung Fu by Richard Del Connor

  • book cover for Masonic Kung Fu novelNovel available in PAPERBACK at Amazon.com
  • Based on actual events
  • RDC discovered “Masonic Kung Fu” on June 9, 2009
  • RDC teaches “Masonic Kung Fu” as “Ling Po” in his SCM Jing Mo School
  • RDC was initiated into freemasonry in 2007 in Burbank, California
  • RDC learned “Masonic Kung Fu” in 1982 from Grandmaster Kam Yuen at Tai Mantis
  • RDC learned “Masonic Kung Fu” again in 1995 from Grandmaster Wong Jack Man in San Francisco
  • “Masonic Kung Fu” is taught at the Shaolin Chi Mantis Online School
  • Story takes place in 1937 on the coast of China as the Japanese are attacking to begin WWII.
  • Story features two 13-year old Chinese teens rescuing a British Freemason from the Japanese soldiers.
  • Some information about Freemason secrets and Masonic Initiation Ceremony. (Richard had novel approved by California Grand Lodge of Freemasons in 2010.  He’s still keeping some secrets…)
  • Detailed information about Shaolin Buddhist Kung Fu Initiation Ceremony (head shaving, naming…)

Poetry Performances by Richard Del Connor “Philosopher Poet”

  • Richard has 4 different ‘sets’ of poetry for feature performances:
    • SET #1:  FIELD OF DREAMS     10-minutes
    • SET #2:  NOBLE TRUTHS OF BUDDHA    15-minutes
    • SET #3:  HIPPIE BUDDHA    18-minutes
    • SET #4:  KUNG FU COWBOY    15-minutes
    • SET #5:  PHILOSOPHER POET    (currently being written)
  • Check out the BLOGS for poetry performances and current events

Flute Performances by Richard Del Connor “Philosopher Poet”

  • Richard has four songs to play as flute soloist:
    • “Starting Over Again”  3:30
      • about starting over at age 60
      • last song on ALBUM: “Scorpion Resurrection” by Kung Fu Cowboy Experience
      • Richard was stung in the neck by scorpion in 2012.
    • “Great Salt Lake”  3:00
      • written while living and performing in Utah
      • the Great Salt Lake is full of dead birds
      • Richard was a Mr. Mom when he wrote song.
    • “Black Hills Ride”     3:00
      • about Black Hills of Lakota Sioux
      • written imagining himself on chopper motorcycle driving through Black Hills
      • song from ALBUM: “Scorpion Resurrection” by Kung Fu Cowboy Experience
    • “Bouree”    3:00
      • Richard saw Jethro Tull (Ian Anderson) perform this song in 1968 with Led Zeppelin.
      • Richard has never had a flute lesson
      • Richard does not read music  (plays by ear)


Richard was interviewed on the Pink Lady Presents show in November 2018.  He played a song on flute, “Starting Over Again,” and then was interviewed about his novel, Masonic Kung Fu.  The flute performance added a neat highlight to the interview at L.A. Talk Radio.

Here’s a link to the PINK LADY SHOW featuring Richard Del Connor “Philosopher Poet.”  << Pink Lady Show 11-4-2018>>

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I write under a bunch of pseudonyms:

  • Richard Del Connor – philosopher, poet, record producer, novelist, songwriter
  • The Hippy Coyote – poetry, lyrics, novels, songwriter
  • Zhen Shen-Lang “Buddha Zhen” writes on Tai Chi Chuan, Shaolin Kung Fu, Taoism, Buddhism, Confucianism, and strategy
  • Buddha Z – heavy metal rap music, poetry
  • Kung Fu Cowboy – rock and roll poems while performing Praying Mantis Kung Fu and kick-ass flute